"Give Belly Dance A Chance" 2020

Over the last several months, Karavan has found ways to innovate and serve the belly dance community throughout the coronavirus pandemic and we are celebrating the re-emergence of dancing to live music!

This is the first major belly dance event to live music in the U.S. in 2020.  

Karavan's 24th annual belly dance recital and performance weekend will be held August 1st and 2nd, 2020 at Soltan in Houston TX.  Our Saturday event will be held at 7:30pm and Sunday we will perform at 4:00pm.

In order to create an event that is safe and comfortable for everyone, we have rescheduled Friday's recital -- we are confident all virtual and live ticket holders will be able to see these performances either online or live in San Antonio before the end of the year.

Experience GBDAC2020 from the comfort and safety of your home as we celebrate belly dancing -- and especially belly dancing to live music!

Tickets are now available for purchase online for the VIRTUAL weekend packages. They will NOT be available at the studio -- thus allowing us to monitor sales and seat availability closely.

Show Format

On Saturday and Sunday, Karavan's Project Band belly dancers will be performing group and individual pieces to live music with our extraordinary musicians:

  • Ahmad Ghafour (keyboards and vocals) from Houston, TX 
  • Rami Ghafour (percussion) from Houston, TX 
  • Houssam Ghafour (percussion) from Houston, TX 

This event is what our dancers have been practicing for all year -- let's celebrate their commitment and achievements.

Karen Barbee and The Ghafour Brothers Band

Karen Barbee, Georges Lammam and Naser Musa

Special Guests

  • Zubair al Awadi (oud) from Houston, TX

  • Benjamin Alderson (percussion) from Ft. Worth, TX

$1 out of every $10 raised through our LIVE and VIRTUAL tickets will be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank to support their efforts to provide food for today and the resources for people to be self-sufficient in the future.

San Antonio Food Bank

Our GBDAC2020 Program

*** Subject to Change ***

Rescheduled for 

Late Fall 2020


Sympathy for the Devil

Sara ~ Ghali Alaya

First Light

Saidi ~ Ya Helou Ya Zein

Lisa ~ Crystallize

Jessice ~ Carry on Wayward Son

Guest Dancers:  Toura Toura by Totem


"Baby" Karen ~ Al Oula

Margret ~ Bint al Sultan

King of the Dancehall



Piga se Maggices

Miguel Crespo

Miguel Drum Solo with Benjamin Alderson

Suzanne ~ Jealous Stranger Latch


Breaking the Law video winner

Lacey ~ Set el Hosen

Shei ~ Ragheb Alama


Guest Dancer:  Sue ~ Ya Ba'een El Hawa 

Karen Barbee ~ Tom Petty and Karam


Saturday, August 1st 

at 7:30pm


Miguel Drum Solo with Benjamin Alderson

Musicians' Opening Music

Diana ~ Wahasheteni

Loretta ~ Fakarouni

Shevon ~ Ah Law Leabt Ya Zahr

Cindy ~ Hawel Teftekirni

Helen C ~ Betatebni Ala Kilma



Debbie ~ El Ah Bisalouni

Whitney ~ Ai Damait Hozen La

Valori ~ Ya Bahaia

Sara ~ Zay al Asal

Karen Barbee ~ Ama Barawa

Sunday, August 2nd 

at 4:00pm


Musicians' Opening Music

Becky, Margret, and Shei ~ Habibi Ya Aini

"Baby" Karen ~ Oyoun el Soud

Helen K ~ Ala Babee Waef Amarain

Leticia ~ Princess of Cairo

Carmita ~ Khalik Henna / Ismaouni

Jamie ~ Batwanas Beek



Veronica ~ Min Habibi Ana / Shou Rayek

Suzanne ~ Jeet B'waqtak

Jessica ~ Darat Al Ayam

Lacey ~ Ahwak

Karen Barbee ~ Lamma Rah el Sabr

Get Your GBDAC2020 Tickets Today!

Join us for any or all of the following Give Belly Dance A Chance (GBDAC2020) events featuring our Karavan belly dancers. They will be performing an array of individual and group performances to live Middle Eastern music with our esteemed musicians.

VIRTUAL tickets for the entire weekend are only $20 each (remember $1 out of every $10
will be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank to support their efforts).

Not available to join us? This year's performances will be available online for individual purchase after the event.

GBDAC2020 Program Advertising


Inside Front Cover (color) - $140

Inside Front Cover (b/w) - $100

Inside Back Cover (color) - $140

Inside Back Cover (b/w) - $100

Back Cover (color only) - $175

Full Page (b/w only) - $90

Half Page (b/w only) - $50

Business Card (b/w only) - $40

Artwork and payment due by June 30, 2020

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San Antonio, TX 78207

Email and Paypal: [email protected]



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